Studio – Bridge Project I – Storyboard progress

This is my storyboard so far for Bridge Project I – Sensing the Past. My concept involves a visual sense of me moving to New York City. The specific memory I’m using is the moment I realized I wanted to move somewhere big and exciting. I was very young and ever since then I’ve wanted to travel and experience new places, like New York.

The story will begin with a photo of me as a child in my hometown, Little Rock Arkansas. Picture by picture, I will gradually start to incorporate aspects of Little Rock into photos of NYC. Also in each photo, I will include a picture of myself. As the photos transition, the photos of me will begin to grow into the person I am today. Finally, the story will end with a photo of me in New York, with no aspects of Arkansas incorporated.

With this project, I hope to illustrate a story of self-growth and transition from one place to another by contrasting the two.

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