Experience & Meaning

(1) First, post three “artifacts” on your ELP that say something about you and where you are from. These can be photographs of objects, places, or people; images that you create; sounds that you record; or even a poem or other written reflection on who you are and where you are coming from. Imagine that a group of strangers has just arrived in your community, and asks you to show them something about yourself and your community. What would you share with them? What would you want them to see, hear, or understand?

As the sweat drips down my neck I glare at the clock to see how much time is left, It’s round 5 and there is 1 minute 59 seconds left. Seconds later, trainer is screaming at me “faster “ repeatedly  as I begin to feel a rush of adrenaline and begin to hit the bag faster and harder than before, as my body fluidly go through the hits: jab, cross, left hook, slip, left uppercut, cross. I hit the bag with more meaning and power each time. I allow myself to feel the stress from the day and release it every time I come into contact with the sweaty leather bag that swings before me. I leave these workouts with a new outlook and with each hit was away for me to shred the negativity that once consumed me.

Charcoal is a force that consumes me, whether it’s beating me up or humbling me with success it always makes me aware of its presence. Charcoal is something that came into my life  in 2018. I found it to be so pleasantly messy and fluid, I found myself being locked into with little to no worry of what or who was around me. I have been so locked into work before that people have to stand directly in front of me to get my attention. Being locked into a drawing for me is something that is not a rare occurrence. I primarily draw the female figure because I found a deep connection which allowed me to channel all of my anxiety and fears. It became something that was deeper than just a medium but rather a connection to my inner self. 

Moving from the City to the Country was something that was challenging for me. I had spent my life with access to the city, my friends walking distance away and I never really pictured myself living anywhere else except for Evanston, IL. A place where everyone believes the same thing and you would never see a confederate flag or anti LGBTQ sign or a pro life sign. For the most part, people were liberal. I am sure that there were some people who were maybe leaning a bit towards the right. But, overall it was a rather blue place. When I came to live in the Hudson Valley, I didn’t really understand how to speak my same truth that I did before without even thinking about if someone would disagree with me. But, the moment I switched to a private school from the public school district for various reasons. I entered an environment that I felt much safer in and felt like my mind was at peace. The classes had a deeper meaning to me, and I felt like I could connect with the people in the room. I became closer with those who surrounded me and I felt like the high school experience was better because of the people that I surrounded myself with.

(2) Second, post a 100-word reflection on your ELP about *one* of the required orientation materials. If you are struggling to come up with a theme for your reflections, consider answering one of the questions on the “Required Materials” pages of this module.

To Comrades and Lovers explores the effect of words and the influence they have on those who read them. I found that Witman wanted to allow people to think for themselves and also provide poetry that was bigger than one group of people and was relatable to everyone. He looked at people with a broader perspective and find  common problems that they have regardless of race, gender, or sexuality. The words paired with the dark screen allow one to feel like they are alone and are just with the velvety words of his mind, and everything else suddenly becomes silent. 


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