Time Archive Book : Polaroid

The contradictory nature of “Time” being fluid, yet constant, makes it very special.  The fact that time doesn’t stop, never changes. But it changes everything around us, creating an association of time with mysteriousness and unexpectedness. I was inspired by the saying, “time will tell”.  As an international student travelling across the globe to settle in a complete foreign environment by myself has added a lot of anticipation I had for this new experience.  It has been three weeks staying in this new place, and time is doing its magic as usual, unveiling the reality to my expectations little by little. The book “Polaroid” corresponds with the idea of anticipation, expectation, and reality.  Using polaroid photographs as a metaphorical representation of time, my expectations and reality I have been experiencing in this new place, just as how the photograph slowly floats up on the polaroid.  I have included a series of photos about people, the environment, and my emotional changes I have been experiencing in this place.

Time Archive Book-1hh5u19

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