Still to Moving:Slow Change – Nostalgia – “Same Old Walk, Same Old Talk”

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Under the theme of Nostalgia, the short video depicts the my journey from my home to the studio, in Hong Kong.  I have first included the photographs of the places and sceneries I would see on my way to the studio in black and white to suggest that they are from the past.  Those photographs were then contrasted with sceneries in New York that I find reminiscent of the journey to my studio.

However, the journey from home to studio was not the subject to my nostalgia.  The studio is a readily set up place with all my equipments where I can produce my work, but in all honesty, it can be anywhere.  The true value of that studio lies in the time I have spent in there opening up my thoughts and sharing my ideas with my mother, who has always supported me along my path to pursue the creative field.  She was my best partner, who truly enjoys the process of creating art with me, and we would often come up with new concepts and ideas together, providing constructive comments to the works we’ve created.

Hence, the true nostalgia I was having, I realized, was the time I get to talk with my mother and pour out all the ideas that have been accumulating in my head, because she will always be my fountain of inspiration.  Therefore, the journey from home to studio signifies the act of me finding a way back to my place for inspiration, my mother.  The voiceover recording of me and my mother’s conversation on how to sequence these images I shot, is my excuse to talk to her again, to reminisce about the way we use to work together.

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