Linear Progression: Test Edits

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The video shows my experimentation of how I imagined people in America would react to Hip hop music in Hong Kong.  Personally, I am a really passionate about Hip Hop/Rap music, but it was really under appreciated and does not get much exposure in Hong Kong.  But recently the Hip Hop scene in Hong Kong is starting to develop and gain popularity.  As a Hip Hop fan that has been listening to American Hip Hop music for years, I understand the cultural significance of this genre.  There has been a lot of controversy on the topic of cultural identity of hip hop music.  I understand the importance of this genre of music, or some might say a “lifestyle”, to the community of the origin of this culture, which adds on to the debate of should other cultures make this kind of music, and are they “stealing” the original community’s sound by doing so?

For those reasons, me and my friend that shares the same music often feel conflicted, as we would also produce our own tracks (As depicted in last section of the video), which are also heavily influenced by Hip Hop.  And as a “Hong Konger”, shoudl we support these upcoming Hip Hop artists?  In the video I deliberately chose a remix track of “Don’t like” by Chief Keef, a well respected american rap artist.  I hope to bring shock to my audiences, when they hear the Cantonese version of this well known Hip Hop track.


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