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In this project I took the approach of depicting two contrasting places that was valuable to me an has heavy influence in shaping my value system.  On one side it shows the industrial building where the studio I share with my friend is located in.  It is a place where I built and developed my own ideas and thoughts, the things that are most valuable to me, and can best represent my value system.  The creative process that I get to share with my friend/ partner is something I treasure a lot and also something that I couldn’t find anywhere else in Hong Kong. On the other side of the bill shows my school back in Hong Kong.  It depicts a place with opposing values of mine, which has as much of a significance as the other side although it does not reflect my personal values, because I would not truly know what I value until I experienced the contradictory.

Comparing the two sides of the bill, the land with lower values has much more of a significance to me over the land with higher values.  Hence, represented by the different currency used on both sides, where the side with my studio would be in US currency and the side with my school is in Hong Kong currency to signify the difference in value.  In my opinion this reflects the reality of Hong Kong community’s tendency to overlook true values in the society and would always gravitate to superficial attainment.  Hong Kong to me feels very much like a cultural desert, as the city progresses it lost it’s own culture and has transformed into another homogenised city.  Depicted by the empty can patterns, the exterior of the can is existing, like the glamorous urban development of Hong Kong, but the inside remains empty, as nobody pays attention to the interior.  This depicts the lifelessness of Hong Kong, a community that feels like a bait or a lie of some sort to me, where it looks like it is well developed, but actually deteriorating.  But on the contrary, in the part of the city where it is physically deteriorating and was being left behind of this rapid development, I found a space where I could create my own work and have a partner to work together with to bring life into this place.  It feels empowering to me.

Elements I included on the side resembling Hong Kong 100 dollar note.

Elements I included on the side resembling American 100 dollar note.

Brainstorming of Ideas

Reference Photos

Hong Kong 100 Dollar Note

US 100 Dollar Note

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