Evolution Timeline

Statement of intent:

The three evolutions I predicted are not presented in a chronological timeline, but they are three possible realities that could happen according to the trend of the current context.  The current context connotes tattoo as an act of self expression, an act that reflects the whole spirit of the current visual culture of trying to look different, an idea of celebrating individualism.  With that said, tattoo would soon come to prominence as an art form, or just a practice, and would be normalized.

One possible future for tattoo would be for it to become a general practice for everyone to use as an identification, extending on the idea of building a self identity for ourselves by trying to look different from each other with tattoos, designs would just be turned into codes that distinguishes ourselves with each other (identity), and might even be used in secondary functions such as an ID.

The purpose of tattoo as an act to make a statement for ourselves or create an identity for ourselves very well reflects the current situation in fashion as well.  Where the focus hasn’t been put on the designs and art itself as much, as the main goal is to make a bold statement about our status or the persona we gave ourselves.  That explains changing standards for aesthetics in tattoo or any other form of art and design such as fashion, where we look for the statement it creates for the person wearing it, for tattoo, we want it to be bold, and for fashion, we look for the brand.  Therefore I have came up with this idea of directly tattooing brand names and logos on our body (fashion), as that is where the values of fashion lies.

Due to the on going trend of climate change mainly induced by the increasing amount of greenhouse gases, it is very likely that air pollution in the future could be so severe that adaptations for human kinds would need to be made in order for humans to continue inhabit earth.  A rough idea of having scented tattoos (pollution), or tattoos that would carry special chemicals that purifies air before inhaling as been promoted in my timeline as well.  Where tattoo would be located around our nose and mouth to purify the air we inhale.


Process :

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  1. klosj · February 7, 2018 Reply

    Good Writing. Some of this writing in your booklet would be helpful to contextualize the photos.
    Remember to post the notes taken from your crit in here too.

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