Camille Hoffman “Pieceable Kingdom”

What do her materials have to do with this statement?
The party table clothes amongst many other objects that comes up in her daily life are the objects that carries significance to her own cultural identity that has been hybridized through cultural and historical events.  Those objects represents a whole new cultural identity and reflects the products of the world after hybridization and globalization that creates new identities that are more complex than ever before, just as how her traditional Filipino weavings and fabrics reflects the cultural identity of her grandmother’s generation.

How does she Hybridize?
Hoffman incorporated traditional philippine weaving with objects that are found in the community that she is living in presently to show the interconnections of her origins and the foreign culture that she grew up in.

What has she discovered by accident through her process?
She discovered the significance and the purposes of the daily objects that she decided to include in the work and why she resonates with those objects so deeply. Through the process of making this exhibition she also go the opportunity to explore more about her origin thereby understanding more about herself and what sculpts the hybridized identity she has today.

What have been her breakthroughs as an artist working on this show?
She discussed the importance to how her understood that her works has to have personal connections to a certain degree but she also has to keep in mind that her works has to be relatable or at least has some significance to the audiences she is targeting to, to give her works a purpose to be exhibited, or even just to exist.

What were unforeseen challenges that she discovered?
The restrictions and constraints she encountered from the location of the exhibition was something unforeseen.  For example the floor has an undetachable carpet glued to it, leading to her solution of printing out a sticker to go on the floor to increase coherence aesthetically and also conceptually of the exhibition.

What is your favorite thing about this exhibition/ favorite piece? Explain why.

My favorite part of this exhibition is that audiences can appreciate it in multiple different levels.  Hoffman paid attention to the balance out the aesthetic and the conceptual aspect of the work really well, so that it can reach and resonate with a larger group of audience.  For audiences that could not understand or resonate with the hybridization of cultural identity can still appreciate the aesthetics of the tradition landscape paintings that she created with collages of different objects that creates a special visual effect.  Audiences who would like to go in-depth would also be able to discover more about the story behind the whole concept of the exhibition and learn more about the artist.

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