Week 4 Reflection

From the first 4 weeks, I have learnt about the differences between primary, secondary resources and archives.  I have been using more varieties of sources including the Newschool library database for research projects.  I need to improve on citations, as I often get confused on how to properly cite different types of sources.  Better comprehension of texts is also an important skill for me to build further, as I a a slow reader and English is not my native language, I need extra time to fully understand a reading, or I might even not understand it due to difference in cultural context.  I also felt like writing in more formal language is a skill I need to learn as I don’t have a wide range of vocabulary to be used in different context, especially for formal writings, which makes a lot of my writings unprofessional or could not reach the full potential of the ideas I am trying to bring through.  Research topics that interest me revolves around the theme of “culture”.  I like to explore what culture does to people and how it acts a both a cause and an effect that builds our community and current events of the world.

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