Bridge 2 : Duo Hybrid – Hong Kong Neon Signs + American Super Hero Comics

Collaborated Hybrid

Tracing back to the origins of American super hero comics, it was once put out as a form for immigrant communities to empower themselves during the depressing and oppressive period of time for them.  For example the immigrant community of Jews were often hired by comic companies to create these stories that in a way reflects how they would want to be protected and at the same time fight back fro themselves.

Due to the different cultural background my partner and I have to United States, where we are both currently staying in,  we found personal relevance in the idea of creating fictional heroes that protects us as ethnic minorities in this foreign country, and tried to create our own super hero that “rescues” us.  With that thought, we tried to fuse significant and influencing designs of our cultural background to the costume as a reflection of us empowering ourselves.  Inspirations includes the motifs found on neon signs in Hong Kong (yellow lines), influential Russian fashion designer Gosha Rubchinskiy’s iconic designs (Russian words under the brand itself, and taking designs of conventional super hero costumes (purple panels) incorporating with the design of rescuer’s uniform (yellow lines on top of reflective silver strips across the body and arm).

Personal Hybrid

I took a more personal and realistic approach in my own persona hybrid of two forms.  Instead of portraying fictional characters I chose my grandmother to be my definition of a super hero as she is the one who protects and empower me, guiding me along the way I grow and learn.  Neon was included in this hybrid only in the aesthetic aspects.  Doodles and words that suggest my shared memories with my grandmother are layered on top of the original picture of her.

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