Bridge 3 : Daily Collage pt. 1

collection of the 6 daily collages from first week 

2 rules for the collage:

  • Need to be found from Instagram
  • Make a moodboard

When making collages, I often associate it with creating a moodboard and that is also a common practice of mine to start of a project with making a moodboard to have an idea of the aesthetics and concept or idea that the certain project is going to tout upon.  With that in mind, I set off with the two rules as listed above, as I look for inspiration from instagram most of the times as it is a media that stays most relevant to us.  With this process of making collages daily for a week, I gathered the images I have saved on my instagram account and put them into different collages each day to try to break down my own visual language by doing visual association of images that resonates or has an impact to me of some sorts.  By doing so I hope to trace back my train of thought during my creative processes to see how I actually group images and come up with ideas in my head, to have an even better understanding of my own “style” or visual language.


Notes from class critique:

  • seems like there’s a overarching “style” or “aesthetic”
  • culture? bordered images?
  • rules – pictures found in instagram and mood board
  • what moods?
    • depending on what he’s feeling at the time
  • personal to his culture and experience
  • layers of media and mediated images
  • gifs on stories

“feels like you could push these in so many different ways. feels like it can become something big.”


Original images used

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