Bridge 3 : Daily Collage Pt.2

Topic : Multidisciplinarity in Art and Culture

Thesis : Different practices in the creative field are mediums of exploration of a certain culture (common interest), that are then translated into different channels of execution.  For example music, visual arts, fashion etc.

Due to my observation of increasing interactions between various art forms and culture in the digital age where everything can be published and accessed in an instant on same and connected platforms, multidisciplinarity has never been as relevant and important in this generation.

In the span of 6 days, I created two short snippets of video edit that goes with the two different songs that my friend has produced and recorded by himself.  This cross disciplinary collaboration of visual manipulation and designing through video form and music production, of track that reflects the culture of Hip Hop/ RnB perfectly demonstrates my thesis statement of multidisciplinary works.  I tried to also keep these video montages under the two rules of:

  1. Using music from one artist
  2. Using the same set of video clips recorded on the same day and space

By doing so I wanted to explore more different visual language with the same set of assets, to push this visual language of mine farther, and try to extract full potentials of the same set of clips, conveying totally different feeling and message.


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