Kombucha leather

To begin the process, I had to prepare 1 gallon of boiled water with sugar and several (6?) teabags.  To tweak the pH level for ideal bacterial growth apple cider vinegar have been applied as well.  Then the liquid is ready to be put into the plastic container with the SCOBY when it is cooled down to room temperature.

The layer of material are noticeably growing over the weeks when the plastic container with the liquid prepared were stored in a dark space (covered by a shoebox).  I left it in my room where it is suppose to be kept in room temperature, but the heat was not consistent and I occasionally open the windows, which might affect the room temperature by a bit.  The liquid is in muddy brown color, although its dark but the water is still clear.  As the photos on top shows, the white part has grown much thicker than the actual kombucha leather (brown part).

Overal I think it was a pretty successful trial.  I expected the leather to grow to the form that we known it to be, which is half translucent and thin but rigid.  But it actually turns out to be much thicker than I thought at first, and it comes with a white layer of material on top of it.  And it also took longer than I expected to dry.  However, the leather does turn out to look an feel like the sample that was shown in class.

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