Project 1: Laser Wear

Client: Emmy

Requests and Inspiration: My client wanted charms that portrayed her love for New York City, sunsets in the city, and Marine Biology.

Process: When designing my charms and necklaces for my client, I knew I wanted to combine their requests with my simplistic cartoonish style. I chose to hand-draw my designs first, making them seem organic and cartoonish, and then I scanned them into illustrator. I knew from what she told me that I wanted to design two necklaces that could overlap, a sun and a city skyline, to represent a sunset. The chains are adjustable so the sun can be resting at different distances away from the second necklace which has the New York City skyline charm. The laser cutting process had a lot of trial and error and I struggled with size and reshaping my designs in illustrator so that the laser could cut out the charms without them breaking. I ended up going for a sun design that has thicker and larger rays, and a city skyline that could link on either side of a chain necklace so that it was a part of the chain instead of it hanging from it. Overall, I was able to learn a lot through the process, I was able to find ways to resolve certain laser cutting issues, and I discovered that I love transforming my illustrations into pieces of jewelry.

Final Product:

Concept Sketches/Prototypes:


Laser Test Runs:

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