Project 5: Antipathy and Admiration

FINAL PROJECT: “Smokey, Sticky, Soft” Sticker pack


When visiting the Moma, an artist that really stood out to me in “The Long Run” exhibit was Philip Guston. His usage of shapes and colors intrigued me and I related to his style. His specific piece “Talking,” inspired me to want to respond to his work for my final project. I want to create illustrations that are inspired by his illustration style, the objects and shapes he uses and the colors palette. I want to focus on language through image and making certain objects look inorganic, abstract and cartoonish.


Drawing in sketchbook, transfering to working digitally/illustrator, turning into stickers. Printing them into stickers from the making center. I want to take my work, something illustrated and abstract, and make it personalized, hence my own custom sticker pack.

My pros would have been expanding my illustrative style and discovering my love of producing a larger amount/variety of stickers. I wouldn’t say I had any cons, more like what I learned from and what I can expand on in the future. I learned how to merge my own style and someone else’s, and how to gain inspiration, or a new perspective of illustration. I could further expand this project by creating the stickers on a different scale, or presenting them in a different way. I wanted to present them on a personal scale as an accessory, and on a scale that relates more to the Philip Guston’s work.

This final project was a final culmination of how of both discovering a broader scope of my personal style, as well as utilizing my school’s resources to the fullest. I produced a large amount of stickers that I can then give away, use for myself, or even sell, and it inspired me to start making sticker packs as a small personal business.


Turning overlooked and random objects into illustrated and abstract shapes and figures. I’m focusing on the same objects Philip Guston repeats in his work: clothing, shoes, eyes, hands, cigarettes and furniture.

Pencil and Pen to Illustrator. From illustrator I will print vinyl stickers.

Color Usage:
Black and White with Deep Reds, Purples, Blues and Yellows.

Philip Guston, “Talking”

Final Stickers:

Sticker pack:

Sketchbook Images (See Below):



Reference Images: