Map 3: Dérive Map

Portrait of Belleville

We had a trip to Belleville for the third map of the project. It was a very colorful and multi-ethnic neighborhood. Everything on the streets, from rubbish bins and flowerpots to lamp posts and window shutters is covered from head to toe in colorful art. So I decided to create my map with the graffitis around the neighborhood. I focused on the portraits and took photos of them.  I also took photos of slogans about the government and immigrants on the walls.



These are my sketchbook pages for the third map. I made a collage with the photos of portraits that I took in Belleville. Then I decided to create another portrait which include all of these photos and writings on the wall. I used photos of portraits on the hair and writings on the face. I decided to call this map ‘Portrait of Belleville’ because when I look at the map, I can see the most remarkable features of Belleville in one image.

I worked with graffitis in this project. So I decided take photo of my work on the walls in my neighbor like it is a graffiti on the wall.



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