Map 1: The Eye of the Flâneur

 Map of Footprints

  The first thing I noticed when I enter the Passage Vivienne was the floor. There are tiles of mosaics on the floor. After years of people stepping on the mosaic it has became worn out and now has concaves of footprints. You can feel the unevenness as you walk over them. So I decided to make a map with footprints of people who has a history there and the people who are going there to work daily. I walked around the passage to draw its shape. Then I made a list of people for the footprints. I researched people who lived or worked there in the past.

This is my list:

1)François Jean Delemoy: The designer of the gallery

2)G. Facchina: The designer of the mosaics

3)Eugene François Vidocq: The monumental staircase led to the home if him. He was the chief of a police department made up of former criminals.


5)Waiter who works in the restaurant near the entrance.

6)People who are in a hurry to go to work.

7)The hair dresser


9)Passers by from the chaotic traffic

I categorize the footprints with colors. Each color represents a person and the their path.




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