Remake Project

Group Project:

Arya Savas

Araz Tapeh


Original Art Work:

Name: Raft of The Medusa

Painter: Théodore Géricault

Project Statement:

Our remake is based off of The Raft of Medusa by Theodore Gericault. We chose this piece primarily because of the sensation it evokes with in the audience (awareness, horror, outrage, perhaps even an epiphany) We thought this piece would be perfect to remake as there would be many things we could play around with. We could really decide on what elements to alter and to what degree. The similarities and inspirations of our piece to Gericault’s include: a tragedy (shipwreck/ sea based), Both include a body of water, and both are representations of controversial events that became cause for international debate. The remake aspect between the two pieces include, the time shift, medium from oil on canvas to collage, the purpose (Gericault made his piece based off of spontaneity, where as our intention is to raise awareness for people to act on their words), The drownings are related to different tragedies. Also, there are differences between the scale and functionality of both pieces.  The shift is very significant as the refugee crisis has become more of a global issue today than ever before, and this is portrayed by how all parts of the society are affected by this one big issue. We decided to present our posters in a museum, on different three walls next to each other (around a column for example). We thought putting posters which are about a tragic event can shock people. 



Other Artist’s Work About Immigrants:

  1. Ai Wei Wei
  2. Banksy/ Dismaland




























Final Remake:



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