Ephemerality in Palais de Tokyo

Group Project:


 Experimentation with Ice:

Project Statement:

   Our piece is our interpretation of how we believe global warming is affecting the planet, and is meant to be our means in spreading awareness. To display this warning, we decided to melt a sphere of ice (ice caps) – which represents the Earth and Natural resources that are provided within nature (flowers, leaves etc)  – over a group of human-like figurines made from candles. We carved the figurines in a way to represent the humanity as a whole by carving them into general human shapes, so we avoided giving them a character and specific shape. By melting the ice over multiple candle figures, we display how if we continue to carelessly mistreat the planet that it will eventually turn back on us. Scientific reports say that there are only twelve years left for the people of the world to solve our issues in using up all of our natural resources before all of the resources run out permanently. Our project displays this incoming situation through a subtle warning concealed within the concept of its aesthetic appearance and overall construct.

Our Inspiration:

This came from two main artists: A.F.Vandevorst’s human candle, Olafur Eliasson and Nele Azevedo’s icemen.



  Included experimentation, sketches, test carvings and moldings, videos/photos. These were really important stages for us, because we had materials with different densities and some other materials with different details  (for example the wax candles had to be of a minimum thickness for it not to snap)






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