References & Process

Pablo & Arya

First Research

   For our project, we want to explore the concept of time and age in the framework of a visual representation of time passing in a certain place. It is a strange sensation to go back to a place where you experienced a moment in your life like your childhood and revisit that place with a completely different mentality and spectrum of time, as it brings back the journey of life one has experienced from that moment forward. Annie Wang portrays this experience through the image of her son. Her child’s life is a visual representation of time passing by, and how much her life has changed since his appearance in the world. The images show different periods of his growth, in accordance with where the images are placed. Each image is in a different room but the framing always remains the same. The images are not altered. It is similar to looking at a mirror reflected on another mirror, where the image seems infinite. This acts in the same way, but each reflection is showing growth in her son and herself. For our project, we will explore this concept, trying to make a piece that immerses the audience in this experience of passing time. Whether if it is in a more literal manner like the images or symbolic with a person or thing, like her son. This could be done through layers as time is can be interpreted as layers, frames of images, attitudes, mentality all showing the comparison of past to a present moment, and the feeling of the journey experienced in between them.

Annie Wang:

Jane Long:

Jane Long’s Dancing with Costica project takes old photographs and brings them back to life, recolouring the images and giving each of the photographer’s characters their own imagined backstory.

She says: ‘I wanted to bring them to life. But more than that, I wanted to give them a story.’

Irina Werning:

We never seem to notice the slight changes in our faces when we look at a mirror every day. Only old photographs constantly remind us that we’ve changed. Irina Werning took someone’s old photo and recreates the same old scene with the same person many years later.

After our first research, we decided to use mirrors to show the passing of time. We will print our childhood photos from three different ages to transparent paper and layer them on mirror. Then when we look at to the mirror, we will see ourself and that will be the last photo.

More References

Different Ways We Can Use The Mirror:

First Prototype

We went to Monoprix to buy materials first. There was different shapes and sizes. We decided to use the square one. We used a photo from Pablo’s childhood for the first prototype to see if our idea works. We didn’t use the transparent paper for our prototype so Pablo cropped himself from the photo to see his reflection on the mirror. For the final piece, first photo will be landscape and ourself. Second and third photo will be only portraits.

Research About Artists Who Works With Mirrors and Transparency:

Pia Männikkö ‘Humans & Dj Vu’

The artists recreates physical paths of the human form and movements. ‘Using tulle fabric and ink, the artist presents a series of ghostly silhouettes cutting through different rooms, as though each flowing panel is a moment frozen in time. Altogether, each site-specific installation exhibits the trail of one man moving from point A to point B.’


Helen Stead

The artist gets inspired from the subject of nostalgia, bitter-sweet childhood memories and a closer look into a personal family history. She collects old family photographs, vintage wallpapers, albums, letters, books, telegrams and postcards were gathered to provide the foundation for part of this work. She prints the images to different types of paper and manipulate the photos both digitally and by hand.


Yuko Nagayama

The artist used colored glass to create dynamic scenes. Most of her works have the theme of life and death. She got inspired  by the image of life as one that ‘keeps circulating endlessly’ for this artwork.

Process and Experimentations:

I chose these four childhood photos  from different age groups.
I tried to put all of them on top of each other.

Experimentations with different compositions

I cropped the background before printing the photos on transparent paper.

Final Piece


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