The Thing From the Near Future: Sketches

For my first sketch I was focused on the idea of the future air being too toxic to breath due to pollution and chemicals. I created a mask/ top which uses flowers inside the object to generate oxygen for the user. The top is a tank that stores flowers so that the user can go a long day with it. The mask and top will be made out of clear acetate for so the flowers can be seen through them.

For my second sketch, I thought about the ground of the earth being trashed. And the amount of trash surrounding the streets would be overflowing. I decided to design a thigh high boot that is retractable for the wearer to stay clear of the trash they would encounter on a walk in the city or going about their day. It would then retract into a ankle boot for the user to wear indoors and such. Ideally, the material would be shiny and stiff so that the boot holds.



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