Day One

My name is Avantika Malhotra. I’m ethnically Indian, living in Hong Kong and studying in a British/International School – where I’m doing the IB programme (including Visual Arts at higher level). Like most people, I chose Design Studio because I wanted to explore different aspects of art and design, I also needed an excuse to visit New York City and finally to experience college life. Design is definitely something I want to pursue in the future and this course is a great start for that. I hope to improve technical skills but more importantly develop myself as a designer and push myself to my creative limits. I’m accustomed to the big city life but I’m sure that the rich culture and history of New York is something incomparable and that I won’t be at a loss for inspiration here.


Currently, I’m most interested in fashion and photography but I’m very excited to learn other aspects of design through this course, such as graphic design and marketing. I recently organised a charity fashion show at my school (raising $50,000 for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre) in which I was able to experience first-hand the business side of the design and public relations industries. Outside of the arts, I enjoy travelling, scuba diving and ballet – I’m also fond of learning history and languages.


 And this is me!


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