Figure Drawing and Photomontage

Today in class I experienced live figure drawing, (charcoal and watercolour), and was able to develop my own croquis. Below is a photomontage of my fashion illustrations at the location of inspiration: Chinatown.


I decided to focus on the themes of wealth, status and reputation because they are extremely valuable in Chinese culture – historically and currently. These themes were explicitly seen at the “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” exhibition, which made the audience feel meek in comparison to the regal dresses. The shape of the top in this design was originally inspired by Dior’s Evening Ensemble, autumn/winter 2000-2001 haute couture – however, while constructing I made some alterations due to logistical reasons. I also took inspiration from the art of Chinese papercutting – historically used as a method of storytelling. Fascinated by the history of the creation of China Town, I decided to draw further inspiration from its first settlers – workers and fishermen – specifically their comfortable and loose attire (as seen in the trousers I constructed). While making the trousers loose and comfortable, I still wanted to highlight the female figure which is why I’ve also created a visual illusion by wrapping fabric around the waist and calves. This exaggerates the proportions and creates an interesting silhouette.

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