Process: Making the Garment

Creating my garment was definitely a challenging experience in which I faced many obstacles – requiring me to make adjustments to my original concept.


I started by creating the design, that I wanted on the top, using Adobe Illustrator. I intended for this to be cut on rice paper using the laser cutter – however I soon realised that the paper would have been too fragile for the design, so I changed to using canvas. Once the first sheet of canvas was cut I realised that the design was far too complicated and resulted in me going back into Illustrator and fixing the file.

While my pieces were being cut, I created a frame out of chicken wire for the fabric to lay over. After all my pieces were cut, I used the sewing machine to stitch the individual sheets together to create one large piece of fabric. I then cut out a neck-hole and draped the fabric over the metal frame. The frame collapsed under the strength of the canvas – the main reason I changed the silhouette of my design.

I tried draping the canvas on its own over the mannequin and found that it was able to hold its shape. Since the silhouette of the top had changed, I redesigned the trousers to go with the new look. I used a pair of old trousers to create a rough pattern for the new ones and then cut and hemmed bands to wrap around the waist and calves.

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