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During one of our class discussions, a student briefly touched on the idea of athletes using tattoos infused with steroids in order to boost their performance – I took this concept and expanded on it. I decided that the tattoo would come in a form of ‘temporary tattoo sheets’ but it would be 3D. The bottom of the temporary tattoo would have minuscule needles, so small that the patient would not be able to feel them. The needles would be able to penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. The tattoo and needles themselves would be made of hormones/drugs – so, for example, a person with diabetes could use insulin infused tattoos. Currently, in society, medical conditions are often judged and this is a significant issue for those with the conditions – this issue won’t go away on its own. In the future – when the required technology is available – this product will help patients bypass judgement. This product will bridge the gap between medicine and fashion, and work to remove the stigma around certain medical conditions.

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