Thing From the Future

As an introduction to the second project, we played a game called ‘The Thing From The Future’ – it gave words from different categories which acted as prompts for innovative ideas.


Design Concept 1


My first concept is inspired by the words millennium, journalism, device and shock. It would be a device which would allow journalists to accurately predict the news – similar to Minority Report. This would be more of a system than an individual product, which is why I found it difficult to create a low-resolution prototype of.

Design Concept 2

The second design concept is inspired by another student in the class briefly touched on the idea of athletes using tattoos infused with steroids – I took this concept and expanded on it. I decided that the tattoo would come in ‘temporary tattoo sheets’ but it would be 3D. The bottom of the temporary tattoo would have minuscule needles, (so small that the patient would not be able to feel them), that would penetrate the skin and into the bloodstream. The actual tattoo itself would be made of hormones/drugs – so, for example, a person with diabetes could use insulin infused tattoos. This would bridge the gap between medicine and fashion, it would also work to remove the stigma around certain medical conditions.

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