Photo Grid for Subway Neighborhood

This is the photo grid for my subway neighborhood of where my subway system is located. It represents the architecture, the local stores, textures, graffiti, as well as the people that are a part of the community. Throughout the whole neighborhood, there seemed to be a repetitive theme of patterns and texture and just simplicity. The neighborhood of Bleecker/ Lafayette Street was a small neighborhood right next to SoHo, one of the biggest shopping neighborhoods. While it supported many different high brand stores such as Adidas and Crate and Barrel, it definitely was a more empty and simple environment, acting as a neighborhood where people would just pass by in order to get from the subway station to SoHo. I definitely think that there is a connection between my artwork and my neighborhood because Leo Villareal decides to portray a Hive, a piece of artwork that is simple yet tells so much at the same time. My neighborhood acts as a bee hive in many situations because a bee hive is where the starting point of the transportation and home of the bees is. The neighborhood of Bleecker/ Lafayette street acted as a “bee hive” by using that subway system as a starting point of where everyone begins in order to get to the bigger roads in SoHo.


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