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My name is Ayami Cho. I am a Strategic Design and Management major at Parsons School of Design. I hope to minor in Photography or Fashion Communications. In the future, I want to work somewhere in the Fashion Business field. Throughout my first seminar and studio courses, I experienced a lot of differences, yet took skills from Fall semester courses into my Spring semester courses. In my fall semester of my first year, I took the Memory themed seminar and studio class which completely differs from what I challenged myself with this year. Especially for my seminar class, I took a lot of my writing skills that I learned in my Fall semester into my Spring semester seminar course. In my first semester, I developed different skills that allowed me to become the artist and writer that I am today. While I struggle with writing most of the time, I’m fortunate that I have the ability to create my own work and put my thoughts out into photography and multimedia work than in a writing on paper.


One of my favorite bridges last semester would be the creative piece. We were told to create our own fairytale and I used Little Red Riding Hood as my fairytale. In my studio class that corresponds with the seminar class, I created a Denim cape/hood in order to fit my fairytale of the Denim Red Riding Hood. To me, creating clothing was something I really enjoyed, yet isn’t as passionate about, but at the end I was able to photograph my garment that I created. There were many challenges along the way as I went to thrift shops to buy jeans and cut specific pieces out. As I enjoy writing creative pieces where we had to create our own fairytale, I really enjoy writing research papers that are interesting and interactive with the audience.  For me, researching billboards this semester was one of my biggest challenges and going through the process of creating a research paper was difficult, yet at the end, I produced a research paper that I was proud of. In both semesters, I think that I developed different abilities and skills as my Fall semester classes was more of creative thinking skills while the Spring semester classes were more research based. A new skill I think I started developing throughout my first year would be my passion for photography. Although I’m in the BBA program, something I’ve been learning since high school has been Photography. At first, I didn’t recognize it as something I have been doing, yet throughout both of my studio classes in each semester, photography is something that I think I have become more passionate about. Aside from my studio and semester classes, I’ve been able to shoot more portrait photographs of people, something that I’ve been trying to improve more and more. Whether it be shooting photographs for a class or even just photographing my friends whenever we go out and explore, I’ve recognized my improvement throughout both my photographs and editing. With both of these highlights, I have been able to recognize what I am most interested in and passionate about, something that I wouldn’t have done if I did not attend Parsons.


For me, one of my main goals is to develop more and explore more with photography as well as mixed media. I have always had the habit of drawing in my little sketchbook for fun or as a way to relax and keep my mind off of specific things. I think that throughout any art, an artist has the ability to express their thoughts and emotions in their art and that’s something I have learned to do in my first year here. My biggest inspirations for my art comes from exploring the city and places throughout the world as travelling is something I love doing. Most of my projects develop from what I see around me and my environment and reactions to a specific place I visit.

Brainstorming for a Partner Project

End goal of the Partner Project


The Denim Hood I created




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