During this semester, I’ve learned so much from the Object as History course. I always had an interest in the history of different periods. Especially, I was compelled by the Byzantine and the Muslim period and their objects. I was raised in Istanbul and during my high school years, I was thought about the war between Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire and the aftermath. Since I had a little background information, I was looking forward to reading these chapters and study in the class. Especially during class, when we started studying the famous Hagia Sophia, I had my full attention because it is a very famous architectural building that changed religion during history. 

I see myself as an active student who is always present during class and curious about the periods we study. At the beginning of the semester, I felt timid to speak during class but as time passed by I felt more confident in class and I started participating more. I was rated 39/40 for my mid-term participation grade. Since the mid-terms, I’ve been more active during class in terms of doing my readings and speaking up according to it. Also, I pay attention and work for my given assignment with my best potential so I would rate my performance 4o/40 this term.

From this course, I have learned so much. I’ve become wiser in terms of our past history together with the objects that come with. Also, art history allowed me to understand our past, which in turn allows understanding our present. In the future, I will definitely use the knowledge I gained from this class and get more inspiration that will reflect in my work.

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