Integrative Studio (Fashion) – Bridge #2: Deconstructed Jeans

For my Studio Bridge Project 2, I wanted to create an edgy/unique pant only with denim and black leather fabrics. While shopping for second-hand clothes I was inspired by designers Junya Watanabe, Y Project, Comme des Garçons work. While creating my piece, I tried to recreate the sewing techniques we learned during class. The most common techniques I used in my pants are; plain seam, denim stitch, basic stitch, backstitching. Also, a new technique I used for my project is grommet making that created holes for attachment. Before I started making my piece I had a basic idea of what I wanted and I showed it through my mood board, then I cut and planned out my ideas on the actual clothes and directly went to the sewing machine.

Mood Board



Process photos

Professional images


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