Integrative Seminar (Fashion) – Bridge #3: Op-Ed

For my Bridge #3 project, I wrote an Op-ed focused on beauty standards in the fashion industry and how people deal with it. People tend to find solutions to suffering mentally and physically rather than excepting their selves. In my writing, I give examples of options people decide in other to follow up the given standards. I am also asking “why do we care?” about these set rules of expected beauty. By asking this question, I am criticizing how people are aware of the situation but still, prefer to harm their selves. Why still preferring to go under the knife? or why causing a health problem by knowing it? With these questions, I am arguing the fact instead of fighting what’s wrong in the industry.
During this bridge project, I researched many websites in order to see what kind of issues people face and how they solve it. While researching my topic I found it hard to empathize some opinions about the certain amount of people who cares too much about their physical appearance. In my writing, I addressed these issues and showed evidence.
With my research and Op-ed for the seminar, I started making connections and ideas for my studio project. By getting inspired by my topic body positivity and body dysmorphia, I am thinking of making a satirical garment about the body issues for the studio.

Op-ed Final Draft-1r6cle1

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