Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color at the Museum at FIT

I personally believe that the color pink represents many things and it has been perfectly explained throughout the exhibition. The object I chose was a cocktail dress by YSL dress for Dior made in the 1960s. It had a cute Barbie dress effect. The skirt was a balloon skirt added with a rose flower on the waist. During the 60s, there was the stereotype of color pink being referred to as female, cute, chic. Also back then, Vogue Magazine declared the 1960s was the era of pink. Because pink was a popular color, the society was limited to classify gender. In that era, sexism and classification were a major problem and YSL making this dress show that they were also a participant of that idealization. I believe this dress is a perfect fit in this exhibition because of the color pink is dramatically changing throughout history. Earlier centuries pink represented something else. But in the 60s pink has another story and by exhibiting this dress, the story of pink is presented perfectly.

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