Eugené Atget

Born in 1857 in Libourne, France, Eugené Atget started as a sailor, then moved on to acting and at the age of 40, moved on to become an aflâneur and a pioneer of documentary photography. Atgets work was not progressive for the time, but still captured purity and intensity in his photos. His work maintained authority and originality and he remains a bench mark against which “much of the most sophisticated contemporary photography measures itself”.

He sold photos of landscapes, flowers, and other valuables to other artists. During this time by around 1897, Atget would have started his most famous series – his Old Paris collection. These images consisted of narrow lanes and courtyards in the city center with its old buildings. Common characteristics of Atget’s photography include a drawn-out sense of light due to his long exposures, a wide view that suggested space and ambiance more than surface detail. Eugené Atgets work though traditional, contain a sense of beauty and mystery that if felt by their audience.


Through my interpretation of Atgets work, i kept his style of an intense vignet. I also kept his consistency in the rule of thirds and maintained his style of composition.

my interpretation:

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