Brooklyn Museum Visit

What resonated with me most from our visit to the Brooklyn Museum and the specific Egyptian exhibits we visited was the intimate, complex relationship the Egyptians had with their dead. From the intricate storytelling on coffins and even the mummy masks, it was evident that the Egyptians endeavoured to maintain their connection with the deceased- through memorabilia, communication with the gods through various art forms, and just the elaborate steps they took to take care of the dead, almost as if they were still alive.The spiritual connection between the living and the dead, as well as the influence of the spiritual realm with the world of the living was quite palpable within the objects that were displayed. There was this piece on display- the Senet Game Board with Playing Pieces that used chess to exemplify and reflect the spiritual struggle with demons while achieving passage to the afterlife. The juxtaposition of using a physical, worldly game such as chess to reflect spiritual strife is an example of how these worlds intermingled and created an interesting dynamic between the living and what no longer exists. From the exhibits, I was inspired by the use of illustrations on the coffins, and the drawings within themselves were able to convey entire backstories regarding the gods and the dead.




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