integrative studio: farewell post

I came into this semester with few expectations, and with little to no understanding of what work we were going to seeing and producing in studio class. I must say, I’m pretty glad I was flying in blind- the results and the entire class itself was quite an adventure. And I mean that in the literal sense, as well as figuratively. We were given few restrictions, few limitations, on how we were to approach certain subjects pertaining to memory. There was no painting within the lines, and for that I am grateful. I thoroughly enjoyed being taken for a spin within my own memory palace (as dilapidated and shoddy as it must be), and recalling things about myself I thought I had forgotten. To express what I experienced visually and creating physical objects out of the past was an enriching experience, and I hope, by giving physical life to my memories, I have been able to justify them in some small way.

Looking back, this class has been a blessing in many ways. I appreciated how we were pushed to create the best work that we could, and that goes both technically and creatively. Perhaps what is even more valuable is the friendships built within that space- working with partners, colleagues, and friends was something truly exciting, and I can’t wait to look back in a couple years and ask them: “Remember we made that project for studio class and pulled an all-nighter listening to Christmas music?” It’s been a fantastic ride- and one that created and fulfilled intellectual and creative hunger.

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