core studio 4d:: phenakistoscope

My concept for this phenakistoscope was frankly inspired by my sudden urge to draw cacti. With that in mind, I wanted to incorporate an element of reaction in the loop, which is demonstrated by the horrified character who morphs into a cactus. After morphing into a cactus in a seemingly agonizing, spike-growing, flower-regurgitating process, the character sheds his cactus shell, only to become human and begin the process again. For the particular purpose of this project, I wish that I had incorporated more moving parts- perhaps I could’ve added a few more dynamic elements, as my design is still fairly static, what with the character staying more or less in the same place in each section of the wheel. I tried to incorporate movement with the shifting sun and clouds in the background, as well as with the flowers that the character vomits.

The physical process of creating this phenakistoscope started off with drawing the illustrations on tracing paper with Sharpie. I decided to use tracing paper rather than drawing on an actual wheel template because that allowed for more space to develop the illustrations and with tracing paper, I could easily compare the different stages of the progression by laying the drawings on top of each other. The designs were then scanned and digitally placed into a 10-section wheel on photoshop, then animated in AfterEffects.

in-class practice phenakistoscope:

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