core studio 4d: sound:: pre production

Process so far:
As a starting point for this project, I arrived at the question, “Do you like talking about your feelings?”. This came at a time where I felt as if I was surrounded by friends who were trying to talk through and process events that had happened to them, and therapy was used as one of the means to achieve closure and understanding. As this project is fairly short, I had to compile and trim some of the audio clips I had received in response to this question, obtained by interviewing close friends. My prompt for their response was that they could respond in any way they wished, be it humorous, serious, brief, or more elaborate answers. I am currently working on making this more cohesive, and I want to incorporate the use of interview frames- a visual representation of each person interviewed, as well as this nondescript character that emerges throughout the clip, accompanied by different transitions and objects.

Base track:



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