core studio 4d:: sound final

Titled “Do you like talking about your feelings?”, this animation combines interview-style animation as well as small, character-based animations.I thought that the combination of the two styles would complement each other and serve to break up the format a little, adding an element of interest. One of the greatest challenges of this process was animating the talking heads, and having the mouths align with the audio. Ultimately, I feel that I could have done better in this respect, but towards the end, I did get rather impatient and rushed to finish. For this, I obtained recordings of my friends’ mouths as they repeated the edited audio for reference. I also added some external sound effects that were not from the interviews. I could have also included more, but seeing as I wanted to complete by the end of the day, I included whatever sounds I could find and download for free, and made sense with the animation. Conclusively, this animation was definitely more involved than I had first believed, but I did end up learning to enjoy the process more than I had initially.

Finished portraits:

dan chu sync-2837ua6

arie sync-1hljcs5

dan deboulay sync-2c8kfuz

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