core 3d:: project 4: proposal

In the icy tundralands of the Far North, Hibernation Harry anxiously awaits the summer months. As an adoptive mechanism, Hibernation Harry has become exponentially fluffy to cope with the bitter, frost-bite inducing winds and temperatures of winter. As if that were not enough, Harry requires the warmth of a voluptuous scarf and scathing hot cup of cocoa to warm his hands. Defenseless against the cold, Harry sits atop his bed of fir trees, hoping that their bristles will keep his backside warm and toasty, to no avail. As he braces himself against the frigid cold, Harry wonders if in a different life, he would’ve been frolicking in a field of sunflowers elsewhere, inhaling the sweet summer breeze.

Moving Forward:

For the character:
I plan to build the base structure with foam rubber, outfitted with a layer of fur on top. I plan to use expoxy clay to create the ears, face, hands, and feet for some variation in texture. For the scarf, I want to knit it from scratch (granted, I haven’t done this in a while, but i’ll make it work, hopefully). I also plan to create the coffee cup out of clay, and I want to create the marshmallows in the cocoa out of felt.
For the island:
I plan to shape the base structure around a piece of foam board, and paper mache it.(Either that, or I may choose to use acrylic sheets to create a transparent effect.) I plan to create the fir trees out of felt, or perhaps clay.

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