Int. Studio & Seminar I Bridge Project 2- Integrated Selves

In Chongqing, I feel like food is what connect people the most. It allows them to communicate with more passion and find more common topics.

I have a happy family you know, and I love my younger cousin. He is so cute. But I don’t like the older one. When I was younger, he always bullied me and sometimes punched me on the head.

People from Chongqing are always very straightforward. Chongqing people do not hide or get timid of anything, and their personality is as hot as the hotpot. I think I build my personality piece by piece from the city you know? I am a straightforward person, I am very independent, and I always do things on my own.

So when I was five years old, my mom forced me to shave all my hair because she heard that shaving hair can make them grow better. And it did grow better, I mean, look at me now! My hair is definitely darker and stronger right now.

When I was in Chongqing, I can feel the energy, the passion, and the kindness that come out of each person. Everyone on the street is so compassionate.

Like, when I’m in Chongqing, I want to travel to different places, but I never want to leave Chongqing. And when I’m at a different place, I always want to go back.

Chongqing is very hot all the time, but the temperature does not diminish the passion of Chongqing people. They are always so bright, so cheerful and so positive. I just love the positivity that they have.

We met in Chongqing, and fell in love in Chongqing. He goes to UC Irvine now, so I can’t see him too often. I miss the time when we use to hang out in school and when he bought me snacks during school breaks.

I feel like right now, I am not completely satisfied with my life as I was before.

I think my goal is to learn more knowledge about my major, about how to work well for my career in the future, and about more activities and open up my mind.

I am very proud to be a Chongqing girl.

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