Sustainable System: Selected community.

For the community, I chose a women’s rights community named Women’s Environment & Development Organization. The abbreviation for it is WEDO. I picked this organization as my community is first because I am very interested in women’s rights issues. I think that gender equality is something that people have been long fighting for and working on even until today. I want to use this assignment to help me understand how women in the NYC is working on the protection of women. I want to learn about how an organization like WEDO functions, how do they get their funds, how do they make protests, how do they bring people into their organization and how do they promote their organization. I also decided to pick WEDO as my community because of the history of this organization. The program started since 1991 and has been working on the issues of women ever since. I am attracted by the long history of the organization. I am very curious about how different is it of working for women’s rights nowadays from working for women’s rights in the 1990s. I also want to learn that how, as a community can survive and functions through the long period of time.


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