Project Deconstruction


My space teacher let us read several articles about sound. How sound impact our life and how we perceive sound. There was one thing that I feel related is sound pollution. Human are bothered by these sound pollution which ironically made by themselves. So much artificial sound have hurt people for a long time. So I made my mind to make a sound piece that can produce peaceful sound that made by natural object.

When I was little, I enjoyed throwing stone into the water and I really like the sound when the stone touches the water. And that the very first inspiration I got when I think about my prototype. Then I thought about “Shishi-odoshi” an object that placed in Japanese gardening. The sound made by “Shishi-odoshi” was aimed to drive away animals that intruded the garden.

But I thought it would be less creative if I mocked up the entire structure of the “Shishi-odoshi”. So I got back to my initial inspiration and formed my idea which is creating a mechanism that can produce the special stone-water sound with engagement.

The materials I chose were natural materials that you can find in the nature and thats an important part of this project since the whole purpose is about nature. So there were only three materials: water, stones, woods.

There were two technical problems I encountered with. First, while I was making the “drawer” it’s hard to stable them together since I can not use glue. I put the screws in and out many times so find the perfect location so it might damaged the wood a little bit and effect the overall look. Second, the top square shape space should held water but it kept flowing from the gaps so I cheated. I put some glue there but it worked perfectly.

During the making process, the most important part for me is designing. It took time to figure out some details and it was a challenge to figure out the “drawer” in this particular project. If I got more time, I would probably made a small prototype of the “drawer” part so that I could do better in the final object. My other projects in the space classes were about light and shadow so I did not connect my later projects to this particular one but the concept of people engaging with nature is a very interesting idea. I may do an iteration of this particular project since I really like these materials I chose especially water. It is fluid and distinguish from my other materials. It brought more possibilities. I am happy with the final outcome, the sound has the quality that I expected. It satisfied at least me both visually and aurally.

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