Bridge 1 Part II: What If?

A series questions provided by Ting:

1. What if the broken dance can move? What if it is actually dancing in front if you, what if you make it into a dancing video?

2. What if the body is not broken? What if the body is of a man instead of a woman? What if he’s wearing a man’s underwear(like boxer)?

3. What if this is not a exhibition you found in MoMa? What if this is just something you found at your apartment? What if you found this in the garbage bin in the street?


Blonde/Red Dress/Kitchen

Laurie Simmons

Question by myself:

  1. What if this picture is a drawing, painting, something not digital? What if this is a play, a soap opera?
  2. What other people in this family do? Where are they? What other family doing? What people react to this common phenomenon? What if she is satisfied doing this cleaning?
  3. What if this is a poster on the street, advertisement of something? No actual meaning? Propaganda?


  1. I like the idea of drawing and it has to be a different style than realistic since the picture is realistic enough to express the idea so it could go abstract or minimalism although the things that a housewife has to handle is not minimal.
  2. This is a housewife and her husband must be somewhere else in the family, he could be at work, could be watching TV in the living room or reading newspaper in another room. I believe other family are doing the same thing, leaving woman to clean the house and ask them to be the trophy wife.
  3. It would be cool to see this in the street and I want it be very big, it could be life-size and you can be part of the picture when people walk by. People will feel the same because of the content is so direct: gender stereotype.

This artwork reminded me one of fiction that I read called “A Doll’s House”. It’s interesting since the theme of the play matches the main material of this artwork. I think the artwork not only want to show us the daily life of a housewife but also inform us that how lost and dull life a housewife could have if we have this gender stereotype in people’s mind. I was thinking to make a appropriation out of this picture, but I really like the idea that arranging dolls as stage scene so I kept the original and do a iteration out of that. I went to explore the second answer of the question. “What other family do?” So I created 30 other families out of this original one completely and arrange them like a apartment buildings. Those family all have one thing in common: housewife. It is aimed to show how common to have a housewife in the house and the dull life they have. Starring at the messy house and accepting their “faith”.

  • What additional research did you do to make the final revision? Please include links to websites and any research you conducted.
  • I did not change my project but I did more research about the original artist, Laurie Simmons as professor instructed. So she concerns the role of women in society both now and past. She indicated some traditional gender roles in her early works, for instance the one that I appropriated. She sees her works as “an reaction to male-dominated world.”


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