Close Reading: UK Museums Face Growing Pressure to Sell Off Works Unless Public Funding Improves

– Write down all the words that are central to the article. Looking at the words, extract the main themes the article touches on.

– What research questions do you think the author asked before beginning work on this article?

– What is the thesis of the article?

– Research the author/publication of the piece. What do you think is the agenda of the article? What does it want to reader to take away from the piece?

– Underline all the information that needed to be researched. Create a mind map of all the different sources the author used.

unfamiliar words.

acquisitionthe act of acquiring or gaining possession

halveto divide into two equal parts.

due diligence:

reasonable care and caution exercised by a person who is buying, selling, giving professional advice, etc

exemplifyto show or illustrate by example


to sell (a work of art) from a museum’s or gallery’s collections, especially with a view to acquiring funds for the purchase of other works.


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