Bridge II – Final Reflection

So after the previous 5 approaches on linguistic sexism, I chose to counting working with the same concept but different mediums. I kept two of my 5 approaches and continue working on that. I kept the french grammar and Chinese character and further develop them base on my original approach.






My topic is linguistic sexism and for the final two diptychs I focused on French Grammar and Chinese character’s composition related to the part that represent women. The meaning shifted from just simply displaying what I have researched to critique. I found the found object is very interesting to work with especially in the bread diptychs. I found a baguette which is considered feminine and the crouton which is considered masculine in French grammar and wrote text on that. The visual content included text, the actual object which is bread and also smell of the bread. Also, I want thinking if I should cut the bread and wrote the text inside the baguette to signify that such linguistic sexism is deeply rooted inside the french culture that the baguette symbolized. Also, I like the format that I transferred my Chinese character to short phrase and mock up the Chinese newspaper. So I sort of created a newspaper cover and I wish to create a legit newspaper with several pages if time allowed. I sort of displaying such sexism through language and spread out to the people just like news are released by newspaper. I was thinking where I can see a lot of Chinese context or context in general in any language. So, newspaper and dictionary. Dictionary is also another approach to me and I thought about it, it would create a irony if I created a dictionary that mainly focus on derogatory words of characters that related to part which signified women.

The crouton in the bread project might be a little weak and I can maybe use the entire bag of crouton  and put them together so that people can see the theme clearer. A couple of them on the paper seems not that convincing but I like the idea of bread.

Anyway, I focus on linguistic sexism and there’s a lot of thing worth to research about them. The newspaper project might leaning toward to government and policy since all the newspapers in China are controlled by government.

From the peer and instructor review, they offered some interesting points:

The professor mentioned about nutrition which inspired by the bread, that makes me think. Bread is a kind of food that we consume in order to gain energy and that’s something going into our body maybe everyday, and the relationship between bread and human body is very close and that might be some kind of connection between the bread project and people who consume that.

Also the professor mentioned Scrabble from the crouton, it sort of reminded me the words game that I used to play on the phone. There’s certainly another interesting approach or medium to present such concept.

Female students offered their opinions of my newspaper project, they thought that I was critiquing such linguistic sexism and I agree with them. Also one of the students said that even the positive meaning phrases seem not that positive since those words only show the positivity to women’s appearance, not appraise from a deeper level such as inner beauty of women.


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