Final Studio Project Proposal IS2

Three main questions:

Are those gesture intentionally made up by painter or the actually figure were doing this gesture? According to my knowledge, painters that time were mainly male, so do they put their ideal perspective into those figure panting? (Female figure from male perspective)

Does such gesture tell people her class or identity? Is she mannered? Is that common in the portrait? (Because the gesture looks a little flirty or provocative)

Even though there’s a lot of gesture that were holding flowers. They differed from each others.Does holding flower downward have different meaning?(Symbolic meaning in portrait painitng)

So I may focus on hand gesture and object around hands.


A link talking about the meaning about hands and how it’s presented in painting and sculpture:

Meaning of hand gestures:



So I want to create a play that only utilize hand gesture and object to reveal a drama base on gender. That’s the first thought in my mind when I looked through my taxonomy project. My point might shift as my research goes.

The taxonomy I created was focus on how hand gesture reveal gender and how the object around the hand reveal gender and identity maybe class.

Then it developed to how female figure was perceived in the point view of male. (Male painter usually painted portrait back in Renaissance) So I sort of came up with the idea of Marionette because the painter could “manipulate” or manage the figure that he was painting.

Then it made me think about one of the source that I might use in seminar class which is a play called “A Doll’s House”. Then content about play is also about male domination and gender difference on language especially.

I am trying to make connection between the two. If my taxonomy was gender difference base on the painting style of hand, then the play should be gender difference base on language. But both of them are about male domination and manipulation.

A play out of only hands gesture might be a little plain to explain the concept. And my concept might leaning to how female were perceived/manipulated/dominated by male(I think this one is deeper but more general)? Or I may focus on the object around hand or hand gesture(Hand is pretty gender-neutral so it’s reasonable to focus on the object that hands were holding)?


Sculpture of a series of hand?

Interactive hand sculpture that allow people to place certain thing (provided) on the hand that can alter the meanings (gender, identity, class)?

A series photography?

A play out of hands?

A much larger hand taxonomy that has a narrative out of hand gesture.  Or even I can place individual hand gesture in a room and people can follow the clue from the gesture.



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