Final Studio Project Proposal IS2


So, I shifted my initial idea of a play out of hands to another direction. The reason why I think the play can not work that well is that the gesture is limited, I can not use only gesture to tell a narrative. With the suggestions given by Bryan, I looked up to sign language and also linguistic aspect.

With saying that, I combine gesture and language together so that I can continue my previous linguistic diptychs project. I found sign language is a very proper combination of these two aspects: gesture and language. So I looked up some sign languages related to words that often describe women. Also some derogatory words, which the idea came from my one of my linguistic diptychs.

I want to make something interactive, so I came up an idea of a construction that can force people to do the gesture. So I started work with wire and bend them the way that you can put fingers but in order to wear the piece, you have to do certain gesture.

I like the idea of “limitation” and “forced”. It sort of forces you to do this kind of gesture and also forces you to understand the meaning of the gesture.

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