I have learned not only the analog making experience about wood cutting, designing layout but also more about feminism. The challenges would be the initial idea of the whole project, it required a lot of thinking and researching, which was very hard since the directions were too broad and really hard to focus on one particular thing. Another one would be the very end of the project, for this one, it represented misogyny somehow due to the work itself. I had to think harder to turn this negative meaning into positive use.

The instruction part experienced a few changes because the way it was designed and it really practiced my illustrator skill. Trail and error process is really the best way to resolve all these problems, I tried many times in order to achieve the final goal since thinking can not really reach the purpose. It’s better to see from result directly instead of imagination, so it’s very important to make many attempts and it would build up the result.

I am satisfied with my final project right now since the effort I put within this project. The responses of the piece from peers are very clear, which I mean they get what I want to say through the work. I will to carry on the topic of gender in my future work because that actually tied into everybody.(Not saying that you have to be either one of them)

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