100 drawings in detail.

There are three ideas that can be seen within my 100 drawings. The first one being nudity. The idea that nudity is taboo to current day culture is exciting to me. I don’t do nude figure drawings though, I do it in a way that doesn’t glorify the female body but instead shows the bareness and what’s important. My nude drawings are not attractive but the viewer can see that it is a nude female body, and that’s all I want them to see. They’re poorly drawn for a reason like a kindergartener. Imagine a kindergartener drawing nude figures, that’s more taboo than nudity itself. Another idea that can be seen in my drawings are movie scenes. I like to use a lot of ideas from movies because in my opinion movies are the best artistic medium. I draw a lot of influence from movies and it can be seen in some of my 100 drawings. Some movies include The Shining, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, Eyes Wide Shut. When I watch a movie I get inspired by the ideas portrayed in the scenes. It’s also like drawing from pop culture which I enjoy too. Andy Warhol is one of my favorite artists. The third idea is religion. I am not religious but I am fascinated by the idea of religion. Religion can also be a taboo because not everyone believes in the same thing. I see all three of these ideas working together because they all are things that steal from each other. Movies reveal nudity at times, and show the ideas of religion. It just works.


For the first set of 10 photos I decided to select photos that had to do with sex and religion. Some religions forbid their followers from having sex before marriage or even having no sex at all. Both subject matters contradict each other and that’s what really makes it work. You have one extreme on one side of the spectrum and then another extreme on the other side. The second set of 10 photos are drawings from movies. I picked these 10 because I think that films are an extremely important art form. I wanted to depict key aspects of movie scenes and what they stand for. For example the movie Carrie portrays a bullied teenage girl that seeks revenge on her classmates. I drew the intensity in her eyes when she thinks about hurting a classmate. Another picture I drew was of the Incredible Hulk transforming. It is a major part in the movie and I drew that to show the intensity of the Hulk transformation. For the third set of photos I picked drawings that demonstrated portraits and drawings of facial figures. Not all of them have the same feel to them. Some are childishly drawn and some are more detailed. They all do the job of showing you a facial figure though.

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