Bridge 3


cigarette cartons / thread / button




Seminar Excerpt

     The shop opens at exactly 9:05 every morning. The ring of the bell from the door opening is my alarm clock. My life as a White Rabbit consists of waking up in the morning and trying to hold my seated position as long as the candy store is open. If I even blink I could freak out a customer and that’s bad for business. It’s definitely hard being a White Rabbit. Sometimes when no one’s in the store I quickly hop behind the fence and use the bathroom. One time this guy picked my friend off the shelf instead of me. I am way more attractive than White Rabbit #485912224, what an idiot. Even though I complain a lot, I can’t complain about the location I’m blessed to be in. Chinatown, the best neighborhood in Manhattan. I remember learning about my creation from the candy bible. It said that all White Rabbits were made identical, with a soft chewy body. We were a symbol of the rising economy of China back in the day. As China’s food and export revenue grew, White Rabbit Candy grew also. The economy kept growing and my brother and sisters ended up in over 40 different countries. A lot of us ended up in Chinatown, so it was just like being at home. I remember being on the transportation truck and looking out to see the neighborhood. People were playing cards, kids were playing basketball, and the bright lights everywhere reminded me so much like home.

Color Walk

My color walk started out in the earth green field of Columbus Park. I then made my way over towards the street where I saw rusty green fire escapes. The color was almost identical to the color of The Statue of Liberty. On the side of the road were trees where their tops were made up of natural green colored leaves. After admiring the trees, I turned the corner of Mosco street. The almost teal green color of the sign lit up like a Christmas light as I continued my journey down the color walk. I was greeted by many different types of shops, grocery stores, candy stores, barbers, all sorts of places. The one that caught my eye was the Bangkok Center Grocery where the sign was of a dark green color. As I walked up the street I heard more and more sounds. As I peeked my head across the corner I saw bright neon green lights dangling from the rooftops and on the sides of stores, It was beautiful.


Final Reflection

Working with Becca, Karen, and Andrew was a great and educational experience. I think we all collectively worked as an individual force that made it possible to create an amazing looking project. When working in a group communication is key, and we did just that. From the start, we had a group chat made so we could discuss working on the project. We did not wait last minute to finish things, we spaced out the work and turned the project in on time. Everyone did their part and we all had great ideas. I think that making a book cover out of cigarette cartons was the best thing we could’ve thought of. The stitching and button closure was the perfect touch. Wrapping everyones page in clear tape added a cool effect to the book as a whole. This was probably the most fun I have had working on a project. It was cool because I learned a lot from Chinatown without realizing I was studying on it. It’s a lot better to visit a place in person than to read a textbook section on it. I really liked bridge #3 because it opened my mind to looking further into an area. I had no idea who Confucius was before I went to Chinatown, or that the Manhattan bridge was right next to it. When a teacher sets you up in random groups for a big project it’s usually not fun. But this project definitely changed my mind on how a group project can be executed. Fun project, great turnout, can not complain.


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